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tv   FOX21 Morning News  FOX  January 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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ringideo doorbell at amfam.c/rg mek 'sneis 'sotgearng aon* inthr.the'ssd owin ete now pvidingottled water to studentd staff.
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did nowethe d miss c ve -- n tog oser n? k ahyte..d d cr of erlpr t rt adnt unfu see scors just noing it14s t guyhe lln see f chs whatga on r fee o ad tur athe geto at s g
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at whheadis morning. rein loeps des *or*.year reportn ate's st hood ne aut asp aener ri wl -- aerorri offsrodrwh-- s ea. ne. me gotin ederdl eg t viconfrom ght a eddeile nen 700 ts om tas choo-becaof rbononaka il.the gafound primarin tallway
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lag som aadacd diesacuah scol3 oran co dg 'shte gck tan incom4.rveice os k s hesi. nesiin llars tina *st sc erokre arges ainst e ent foncen ing page h b upn pay fiheve inon. 3 ... gid won don't co ione e a nbaie witr.thfame dolladby matl will now co in ur body tys, sev sk tones with e colors and 24 hairstyles.ttel says
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dramic emade trb since she t stshelve 1959.
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thd con atke cr m 3 tnt son. a f t,e t'nn 5pibeoo
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o anal-aeargd . -yg ta do ok mae th i'll o 'e-j cool. -il be c younot )e? n h . and sty for buone t one fr wings on monday ghts.
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te 3wete ylpr your f, lirt and inalar hd. tcen aant wiced feur oirelessebox,me dprison the gchetre pka to yme call... ged w thprial tv bundle.
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s th mng year old bicing "a" ther hra.... dr ngxc tter tterlio hns
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on in s [app a .goaner i n't wawah w da's gew ftting ters todayhas sil t other mov inomo. it ha t mike liket? ha wrong e thelack whe
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